Our kids’ obsession with video games is out of control. 

And we are on a mission to change this.

Our mission here at Life Tech Balance is to find a solution:

to help parents and kids to manage video game time,

restore family harmony and life balance


All the research into kids and video games is that they need to reduce the screens and do a wider range of activities.

Family harmony

The battle with video games is causing conflict in the family units. We want to restore harmony in your family.


The obsession with video games is impacting on our kids physical and mental health. 

Empowering our young people

The philosophy behind our product is that we want to help young people help themselves.

We know the importance of setting up our kids with life skills that will hold them in good stead for the future.

Our vision is to make a global impact to assist all kids to grow up being well rounded, resilient, emotionally intelligent adults who thrive in this modern world.

World-Class Team

We are working with a global team of experts in hardware, software, psychology, branding and marketing to ensure our product has the impact and the reach it deserves.

accurate analysis

We are surveying and listening carefully to our audience in order to develop a product to best suit their needs.

quality processes

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We plan to release a high quality product to our target audience.

Who are we?

Tech Life Balance is the brain child of two Aussie entrepreneurial friends who saw a problem that needed a solution – practically everyone they were talking to with tweens and teens was having an issue with managing their kids’ video game time.

Peter & Gary saw a great opportunity to create a product to help kids and families regain balance and life healthier and happier lives.
They partnered up, recruited investors and each week the idea is coming closer and closer to a commercial success.

Peter Kakris is a software expert who has been self employed since he was 23. He is currently a Director of Datalink Pty Ltd, an Australian Company that provides emergency management software for councils and government departments around Australia.

Peter has strong and deep relationships in the IT community and has a long list of talented individuals he can call upon for this project.

After completing his computer science degree at Melbourne Uni he had the foresight to invest in internet service provisioning (ISPC) at the commencement. After selling his IT companies he semi-retired young to spend time with his 18 month old son.

Peter’s son is now 14 and spends way more video games than he would like. He also has a 10 year old daughter who loves to relax in front of her iPad.

Peter has studied a significant amount of personal development and is passionate about teaching our young people skills that will set them up for a balanced and fulfilled life.

Gary is a communications, change management and learning and development expert who for the past 10 years has assisted organizations around Asia pacific translate the ‘geek speak’ (computer systems and technology) and how to best use it to their advantage. 

Prior to this Gary mentored and trained business owners. In this role Gary worked with Peter Kakris helping with 2 of his computer businesses, they have been friends since. 

Gary has also had a series of small businesses. He is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and make changes. 

In his spare time Gary paints, writes, any beach activity and is the current world tickle tackle champion- in his home at least.

What Parents are Saying

We interviewed parents individually and in small groups to discover their concerns and frustrations with their kids video game use.
Here’s a snippet of what they had to say.

My son’s behaviour is scary when he is playing too many games. He just gets out of control and it’s like he has become someone else. I have tried everything to help him, but nothing has worked so far. Kirsty P


I don’t like how all-consuming it is and how important he thinks it is. It concerns me that he puts games in front of playing sport and those kinds of things. Ross W


It’s an interesting journey for them to work out who they are when they are on their screens vs. who they are when they are not.

It does concern me that when they get off they don’t know what to do with themselves. Tracy M


This may seem odd … but we do love video games!

We are definitely not anti-video games. Our kids love them and they offer a lot of opportunity for teaching life skills such as creativity, team work, problem solving and dealing with pressure. However, many of the parents we speak to and so much of our research is showing that the balance is out.

Help us to create a solution that is going to meet the needs of YOUR family by completing our short survey about the use of technology in your home.

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