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We are on a mission to change the face of family households across the world, and are seeking further investors who share our passion.

The extent of the problem..

In this modern technological age, parents are losing a battle.

  • 87% of Australian homes have electronic devices;
  • 97% of homes with children have computer games;
  • 60% of households have five or more screens; and
  • 80% of households have more than one game device.

College of Paediatrics in Australia recommend children 5-17 years have a maximum of two hours of screen time per day.

However, these guidelines are not being met in Australia, reports reveal:

  • Children 5-12 spent 4.6 hours per day on average on screens
  • 49% of teenagers spent 6 hours on screens per day
  • 21% of teenagers spent 12 hours or more on screens

    our solution…

    We are on a mission to support parents to manage their children’s screen time.

      Whilst we can’t share the details of our entire solution here, we are passionate about empowering kids to develop healthy life-long habits and balance screen time with exercise, homework and chores. 

      This is a multi-billion dollar industry and parents everywhere are crying out for help.

      It is our intention to provide a simple yet powerful global solution.

          If you are interested in making a tax deductible* investment in our project, please get in touch to set up a meeting and for more detailed information.

          We are asking all interested parties to sign an NDA before meeting with us to protect our intellectual property whilst we prepare to go to market. 


          Market Research

          We have conducted extensive market research to discover the needs of our target market. The opportunity for our product is massive.

          Brand Identity

          Our ultimate goal is for our brand to be a global household name, changing the lives of families around the world.

          Product Development

          We are working towards a high quality, cutting edge product that as an investor you will feel confident and proud to support.


          Be a part of our global phenomenon and change the landscape of family life. Invest now before the value goes up significantly as we get closer to launching.

          be a part of Something amazing
          we’d love you to join us

          We are seeking a minimum investment amount of $10,000. 
          If you share our philosophy of empowering young people and balancing life and technology, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

          *Always seek advice from a professional tax advisor before making any investment decision

          Life Tech Balance Pty Ltd
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